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Washing Machine Cleaner 24 oz

Washing Machine Cleaner 24 oz

Save water, time and money with Weiman® Washing Machine Cleaner!  Just spray the inside of your washing machine and leave!  No need to run an extra rinse cycle!  Easy Spray 'n Go to help eliminate and prevent odors.
Mold and residue can accumulate in the rubber door seal, drum and gasket of front load washing machine, causing offensive odor.  Weiman® Washing Machine Cleaner is specially formulated to easily eliminate odors from your front load washing machine.  This no rinse, biodegradable formula will not discolor or damage your laundry. 
·  Eco-Friendly, biodegradable formula uses natural ingredients to eliminate odors
·  No rinsing saves on water usage
·  Compatible with all septic systems
·  Use regularly for optimal results
·  Compatible with all washable fabrics
·  Safe for use with all washing machines

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