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Furniture Cream with Lemon Oil 8 oz

Furniture Cream with Lemon Oil 8 oz

Weiman Furniture Cream with Lemon Oil protects wood finishes from drying, checking, fading and discoloring. It gently cleanses away harmful dust, dirt, grime and damaging smoke residue. Six natural oils - including lemon, walnut, safflower, avocado, sesame and almond - gently clean, moisturize and nourish wood, bringing out the deep glow and lustrous beauty of natural wood grain. Weiman Furniture Cream contains UVX-15 Sunscreen, which protects wood from the damaging effects of direct and indirect sunlight. This non-toxic formula is safe to use and does not contain any solvents, harsh chemicals, silicone or wax. With Weiman, there is never residue or build-up.
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